Staying Put

In order to grow, I need to stay put. I taste freedom not by flying, but by sitting down. Meditation trains my brain and opens my heart. Still, I sometimes resist. I find other things to do. I push away what I most need: staying put, with awareness and love.

Human nature is curious. We resist activities that cultivate well-being, while we hone habits around short-term comfort. And then (perhaps unconsciously) we berate ourselves for not being better people. This loop continues until we invest again in well-being; in becoming more aware and whole. Until we forgive ourselves and begin again.

Deeper wisdom: Time to meditate.

Distracted self: Nope.

Deeper wisdom: When you meditate, you're more kind and open.

Distracted self: You're bugging me. Go away.

If this inner-conversation resonates for you, try my new guided meditation: