My name is Joy and I care about you—however you arrive. My in-person classes are located in the Fox Valley of Wisconsin. If you live farther away, there's Skype and e-courses. If you're interested in mindfulness, I'm here for you.

Live E-Courses

summer mindfulness: Renewal

A month of mindfulness focused on growth and renewal. Bring awareness to relationships, roles, self-care, and healing. Cultivate purpose and meaning. Explore forgiveness, trust, gratitude, and play. Utilize expressive writing, guided meditations, and everyday awareness exercises. Practice in ordinary, doable ways with both a teacher and a community. Registration is open → Learn more

In-person mindfulness classes

No special equipment, clothes, or experience necessary. Show up as-is.

Mindfulness 101

This 5-week course includes formal instruction on meditation, current research on mindfulness, tools to work with difficult emotion, methods for cultivating positive experience, paths to self-compassion, and suggestions for informal, everyday practice. Each class includes active engagement with mindfulness. Next session begins September 11 → Learn more

Mindfulness 201

When students practice mindfulness, it awakens their inner wisdom and awareness, yet it's easy to stop practicingwe often resist the very habits that bring us ease and healing. This second 5-week course re-establishes practices of meditation and mindfulness, and provides new instruction on self-compassion, inner-reflection, and everyday awareness. Next session begins October 16 → Learn more

mindfulness for the holidays

It’s possible to slow down during the holidays: to focus on what’s most important; to savor the moments. This one-night workshop provides guided meditations and practical suggestions for bringing more awareness, space, and love to the holidays. Next session on December 4 → Learn more

Mindful Eating

When we eat, we're often distracted or rushed, which leaves us feeling unsatisfied, searching for something more. Mindfulness keeps us present, so we savor and enjoy our food. We feel satisfied and, in turn, don't eat as much. This one-night workshop includes guided meditation, active practice with mindful eating, and suggestions for daily life. It's possible to redefine our relationships with food and eating. Next session on January 15 → Learn more

A Foundation in Mindfulness

This 3-part series helps people 1) establish a mindfulness practice; 2) move toward what's difficult and practice self-compassion; and 3) cultivate happiness, ease, and joy. You can take a single class or enroll in the whole series. Three Wednesday evenings in May: a gift to yourself.  This session was offered in May. Stay tuned for the next offering, coming soon.

Joy is a wonderful teacher. There’s no right or wrong in her mindfulness classes, as she’ll remind
you each week. The environment is warm and encouraging. If you lose your way just start again. She gives suggestions to bring awareness to your everyday life so, no matter how busy you are, there is time for mindfulness.
— Kathryn B.

self-paced e-courses

coming home to yourself: a 6-week course in mindfulness

This 6-week course includes formal instruction on meditation and informal instruction on how to pay attention in daily life. Once you cultivate awareness, you can shine it everywhere: breath, body, difficult emotion, positive emotion, relationships, and life choices. Each week, I provide new meditations, reflections, teachings, and mini-assignments. Learn more.

a month of mindful healing

After being on my own healing journey for years, I created this e-course, which includes expressive writing, meditation, reflection, and awareness practice, all of which pertain to healing—because we're all in the midst of healing (and it's a life-long process). It's helpful to have gentle guidance along the way. Learn more.

Joy is amazing. I’ve attended many of her classes and consistently use the meditations on her website to find peace in my daily life. I highly recommend Joy to anyone looking for an inspiring teacher.
— Kris M.

One-on-one Mindfulness sessions

I'm available for one-on-one sessions ($50/hour), in my home, your workplace, or via Skype. Guided meditation and reflection—tailored to an individual —can deepen awareness and promote healing. I am a safe space, and my home is a healing space (even via Skype). If you're interested, please contact me

Freebies with Heart:


Regular posts about mindfulness in daily life. Words and images from my heart. Read now.

I also post shorter messages on Facebook. Invitations to pause, breathe, be, and ponder, even while—especially while—on social media.

Monthly mindfulness + optional texts 

Each month, I write a mindfulness message that doesn't appear on my blog or Facebook. My intention for this message is spacious, meaningful, and heartfelt. It's both a deep breath and a warm hug. As a bonus for subscribing, you can receive daily text messages: gentle reminders about presence and kindness. They help us remember to remember. Subscribe now.

guided meditations 

Guided meditations can be helpful—a voice that brings us back to awareness. I've recorded guided meditations of varying types and lengths. Sink into these when needed. I'll be your guide. Listen now.

It’s a pleasure to attend Joy’s mindfulness classes. Her insight, kindness, and honesty are gifts. Joy has inspired me to move through the thrills and hard work of ordinary life in a softer and gentler manner.
— Laurie O.

Still seeking?

Contact me and let me know what you need. I'm open to possibility.