My name is Joy and I care about you—however you arrive. My in-person classes are located in Appleton, WI (the Fox Valley). If you live farther away, there's Skype and e-courses. If you're interested in mindfulness, I'm here for you.

In-person mindfulness classes

I teach a variety of mindfulness classes. Multi-week classes—Mindfulness 101 and 201—as well as one-night classes (Mindfulness for the Holidays and Mindful Eating). To practice mindfulness, it’s helpful to have a teacher. The instructions are simple yet their application isn’t easy. I provide scaffolding so you can listen to your own awareness and wisdom. You’re surrounded by supportive people on the same journey. Together, we create a safe, brave space to be real, aware, and whole. No special equipment, clothes, or experience necessary. Show up as-is.

individual coaching sessions

I'm available for one-on-one sessions ($60/hour), in my home, your workplace, or via Skype. Guided meditation and reflection—tailored to an individual —can deepen awareness and promote healing. I am a safe space, and my home is a healing space (even via Skype). I’ve worked with a variety of people on different core issues, each person learning and growing in a unique, beautiful way. We can meet weekly, bi-weekly, or just once. You choose what’s best for you.

Web-based mindfulness classes

In 2003, I began a meditation practice that changed my life in radical, positive, and meaningful ways. Mindfulness practice is true medicine. As a teacher, I love to connect in person. Yet not everyone lives nearby, and I want my teachings to reach whoever is interested. I created web-based classes for each of my in-person classes. These online courses include written teaching, audio-guided meditations and reflections, expressive writing exercises, and suggestions for everyday practice. My e-courses are filled with connection, care, and heart. I fully support you on the journey. And I keep the journey affordable. 

Joy gives of herself freely. She’s supportive, loving, and authentic—willing to share her own struggles and soft spots. She risked everything, stopped doing what she once valued, and began a new career she believes in even more. Joy truly wants to help others and she meets us wherever we are in our journey.
— Cheryl R.

Freebies with Heart:


Writing is a way for me to both express and understand. I write from my heart. If something’s “up” for me, my blog is a safe, brave space to share. I write about my volunteer work in prison; about everyday life; about mindfulness, compassion, and vulnerability. I also post shorter messages on Facebook. Invitations to pause, breathe, be, and ponder, even while—especially while—on social media.

Monthly mindfulness + optional texts 

Each month, I write a “heart-letter” that doesn't appear on my blog or Facebook. My intention for this message is spacious, meaningful, and heartfelt. It's both a deep breath and a warm hug. As a bonus for subscribing, you can receive daily text messages: gentle reminders about presence and kindness. They help us remember to remember. 

guided meditations 

Guided meditations can be helpful—a voice that brings us back to awareness. I've recorded guided meditations of varying types and lengths. Sink into these when needed. I'll be your guide. These are a gift from my heart to yours.

Joy is amazing! I have attended many of her classes and consistently use the guided meditations on her website to find peace in my daily life. I highly recommend Joy to anyone looking for an inspiring teacher.
— Kris M.

Still seeking?

Contact me and let me know what you need. I'm open to possibility.