I teach a variety of mindfulness classes through Appleton Parks & Recreation. I love the community feeling and accessibility of P&R courses. No special equipment, clothes, or experience necessary. Show up as-is.


Tuesday evenings, 5:30-6:30, Sept 17—oct 15

*Registration open through Sept 24*

This 5-week course includes formal instruction on meditation, current research on mindfulness, ways to work with difficult emotions, methods for cultivating gratitude, paths to self-compassion, and suggestions for informal, everyday practice. The elongated time-frame lets people fully engage and form new habits. Each class includes active practice with mindfulness. (In addition, I offer this course through Neenah P&R on Thursday evenings, Oct 10 — Nov 14.)


Tuesday evenings, 5:30-6:30, oct 22—nov 19

When people practice mindfulness, it awakens their inner wisdom and awareness, yet it’s easy to stop practicing—we often resist the very habits that bring us ease and healing. This second 5-week course re-establishes practices of meditation and mindfulness, and provides new instruction on self-compassion, inner-reflection, meditation, and everyday mindfulness practices. The 201 curriculum changes each time (just as we change and grow). This course can be repeated unlimited times.


Tuesday evening, 5:30-7:00, december 10

Though holidays bring celebration and connection, they also bring stress and busyness. It’s possible to slow down during the holidays: to focus on what’s most important; to savor the moments. This one-night workshop provides guided meditations and practical suggestions for bringing more awareness, space, and love to the holidays.


When we eat, we're often distracted or rushed, which leaves us feeling unsatisfied, searching for something more. Mindfulness keeps us present, so we savor and enjoy our food. We feel satisfied and, in turn, don't eat as much. This one-night workshop includes guided meditation, active practice with mindful eating, and suggestions for daily life. It's possible to redefine our relationships with food and eating. Last session was in January 2019. Please contact me if you’re interested in this topic. I haven’t yet scheduled the next session.

specialty classes

Do you have a group of friends that wants to learn and practice mindfulness? Are you interested in hosting a class in your home? If so, please contact me, so we can discuss ideas, logistics, and fees. There’s so much possibility.

Joy is a wonderful teacher. There’s no right or wrong in her mindfulness classes, as she’ll remind
you each week. The environment is warm and encouraging. If you lose your way just start again. She gives suggestions to bring awareness to your everyday life so, no matter how busy you are, there is time for mindfulness.
— Kathryn B.

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We’re in this together.