Waiting Practice

In daily life, we spend a lot of time waiting: waiting in line, waiting to meet a friend, waiting at the doctor, waiting in traffic. Pieced together, we can wait 30 minutes in a day. Often, there's an underlying annoyance with waiting—it can feel like we're missing out on life. But here's a radical re-frame: waiting as a mindfulness practice; as an intentional time to check in with ourselves. 

The next time you're waiting, try something different. Close your eyes, breathe, and look inward. I try to regularly ask the question: What's happening inside me right now? What needs my attention? If you want guidance with this practice, listen to the audio below. 

And if waiting-as-mindfulness is difficult, try something else: Anytime you're waiting, notice the ways you distract yourself. Just notice. And notice how you feel.