Vulnerability and Gratitude

Like this leaf, I feel simultaneously delicate and bold; blurry and focused; vulnerable and brave. Honoring darkness yet reaching for light: looking for the good in myself, others, and the world.

In the States, it’s Thanksgiving week, which is a natural time to reflect: What’s good in our lives? For what are we grateful? It's a time to make food, share stories, listen, and commune. But can I thrive in community while feeling delicate, blurry, and vulnerable? (Reminder to self: I equally feel bold, focused, and brave.) I think there's strength in bringing vulnerability to community. I hope to show up, as is, with an open, grateful heart.

Each day, I'm inspired by all the good in the world. Inspired not in a Pollyanna-ish way, but in a real way. There's goodness when people cry and hold hands, or when they laugh and dance. There's goodness in nature, everywhere, when we see with fresh eyes.

I'm grateful for sunsets, hugs, postal mail, kindness, meditation, friendship, bird song, kale, coffee, photography, and laughter, especially from children. I'm grateful for love and support from people near and far (you're included in this gratitude: thank you!). Please join me: For what are you grateful—big, small, or in between? 

Let's allow gratitude to spill forth into this complicated, wondrous, uncertain, and beautiful world.