The Practice of Awareness

Pema Chödrön writes: "Life's energy is never static. It is as shifting, fluid, changing as the weather. Sometimes we like how we're feeling, sometimes we don't. Then we like it again. Then we don't. Happy and sad, comfortable and uncomfortable alternate continually. This is how it is for everyone."

We have strong habits: grab on to what's good; push away what's difficult. And these habits keep us stuck. What I've learned through meditation is that we all have far more capacity than we realize. We all possess awareness that's bigger than the thinking mind. This awareness is spacious, wise, and kind. And it allows for life to flow, as is.

We access awareness anytime we pause, close our eyes, and notice sensations in the body; anytime we get quiet and listen inward: listen not to our running stream of thoughts, but to the wisdom of our breath, body, and direct experience. Remember: Anything is possible and you can't get this wrong. I invite you to try the practice, just as you are in this moment: