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Each month, I write a mindfulness message that's not found on Facebook or my blog. It comes to your inbox, from my heart to yours: spacious, meaningful, and true. In addition to this heart-letter, you can receive daily mindfulness texts: gentle reminders about presence and kindness. I create these messages, but they're sent through, a free resource for teachers. The texts are optional: if you want them, please provide your cell-phone number. (I keep your information confidential; to unsubscribe reply @LEAVE.)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I am currently out of the country on a 5-week unplugged sabbatical. The off-grid time nourishes my spirit in inexpressible ways. While I’m away, you can still join my heart-letter list. I warmly welcome you into this space. But if you want the free daily texts to begin immediately (while I’m away), you must take an extra step: Text the number 81010 with the message "@bornjoy" (no quotation marks). It’s your choice: wait until April 28 and you’ll receive texts then, or join on your own before then. Do what feels right and be kind to yourself.

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