My name is Joy Jordan. I'm an experienced, flexible teacher who tailors mindfulness programs to each business. I live and work in the Fox Valley area of Wisconsin. I'll meet you and your workplace right where you are. 

60- or 90-Minute Introductory Session

In an introductory session, I define mindfulness, discuss the science and benefits, guide short awareness exercises, give suggestions for everyday practice, and provide space for questions. If the time frame is elongated, I present ways to handle difficult circumstances, cultivate positive experiences, and have fruitful conversations. I adjust to the room, sharing salient topics for the group. Active practice—engagement with mindfulness—is an important part of my teaching. 

Multi-week course

My 5-week course—delivered in the workplace—begins with an introduction to mindfulness, formal instruction on attention training, and suggestions for informal practice that can be applied in daily life. The classes build to include exercises in active listening, working with difficult emotion, and cultivating positive experience. Each class ends with small yet important assignments. The elongated time frame lets employees fully engage and form new habits. (Can be shortened to 3 or 4 weeks.)

Joy’s genuine love and extensive knowledge for the subject were evident from the start and resonated throughout the 5 weeks. Her creative teaching style included active learning, guided meditation, and suggestions for informal practice. Simply put, Joy was a breath of fresh air in the business setting and surpassed all expectations for the course.
— Jen Sabee, Wellness Specialist, US Venture, Inc

Weekly Meditation sessions

It's helpful for employees to take an intentional break during the day. They take unconscious breaks—checking phone, reading news, looking at Facebook—but these don't refresh their energy or their minds. Meditation is a mind training. It provides both ease and focus, which let workers re-engage with projects from a fresh perspective. A 30- or 45-minute weekly meditation can boost morale and energy.

Supplementary Offerings (including staff retreats)

I'm a flexible teacher with much experience. I create mindfulness classes and retreats specifically for your workplace. I can also supplement your current programming. The applications of mindfulness are vast. I'll meet your business right where it is. Let me know your needs.

One-on-one Sessions

Business leaders benefit from meditation and mindfulness, yet they may need confidential one-on-one sessions to practice deeply and authentically. I meet with people where they're comfortable, either in or out of the workplace.

Joy takes a topic that is new to some and makes it instantly accessible. Her warm, welcoming and accessible method of teaching mindfulness is something everyone can benefit from regardless of the industry. She uses timely and practical examples on which to base her sessions and has great instincts about what the group needs.
— Colleen Rortvedt, Director of Appleton Public Library

Before scheduling a mindfulness event, it’s important that I understand your workplace and you meet me. Please contact me for an in-person or phone meeting, where we can discuss options, logistics, and fees. There's so much possibility for mindfulness within a business. If you want a starting place, read my blog article, Mindfulness Practices for Work. If you need a mind break—a chance to pause and open to possibility—listen to this short meditation:

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