Summer Mindfulness: Renewal ($30)

A month of mindfulness focused on growth and renewal. Bring awareness to relationships, roles, self-care, and healing. Cultivate purpose, meaning, joy, and wonder. Utilize expressive writing, short meditations, and everyday awareness exercises. Practice in ordinary, doable ways with both a teacher and a community. Small steps have big impact. Class begins June 1. Renewal continues for months, no scheduled timeline. At any point in the summer, you're warmly welcome to join the class.

Class outline

Each week, there are four mini-lessons, which include short teachings, guided meditations, reflections, writing prompts, and everyday practice suggestions. Each lesson is a small, accessible path to renewal, change, and growth. If you choose to enroll, the teachings are available not only during the month of June, but all year long. This is a "live" course, in that it's happening during the month of June (and beyond), but there's no particular time you need to show up. Take in the posts as they come or digest them during the weekend—whatever works best for you.

WEEK 1: Look Around Your Life (Clear the Path)

WEEK 2: Look Inside Yourself (Listen Inward)

WEEK 3: Reset Your Inner-Compass (Live Life True)

WEEK 4: Practice in Daily Life (The Beautiful Nitty-Gritty)


Because this is a live—happening in summer—course, we practice and share as community. Your renewal is personal, done in private and at your own pace, yet there's safe space to share your experience and hear from others. This makes us feel less alone and more brave. We all have yays and difficulties, insights and roadblocks. We're human. You move through this course on your own, yet supported by me and the other participants. 

Warm Invitation

This course is only $1 per day. Mindful renewal is accessible to everyone. It's possible to change, grow, and heal, even in the busyness. It's possible to make more conscious choices. It's possible to tend to ourselves in ways that nourish and renew. Here's a video invitation from my heart to yours:


We often sabotage our own efforts by thinking circumstances must be perfect and changes big, but I suggest a different philosophy: start right where you are and make small steps. If you want more ease, presence, growth, and renewal in your life, then you must begin. Commit to yourself for this summer and also let things be imperfect, messy, and real. Join the class on your own. Or join with a group of friends, family, or coworkers. Do whatever supports your practice and your willingness to begin. You can begin right now. Class has started, yet people are absorbing the material at their own pace. Joining now is a beautiful, brave, and refreshing step. You're warmly welcome. (If you any questions, please contact me.) 

click here to join the class. you're warmly welcome.

The first step is to begin.