There are thousands of mindfulness classes and teachers. Why should you consider my e-courses? Good question! Included below are frequent questions + responses.

What makes your teaching different?

Which course should I take?

  • If you want to establish a regular mindfulness practice (and receive an overview of mindfulness techniques), then consider Coming Home to Yourself: A 5-Week Course in Mindfulness. This course builds over 5 weeks to include more practices and longer meditations.

  • If you want an introduction to meditation and reflection, then consider A Month of Mindful Renewal or A Month of Mindful Connection (coming in Feb). Both courses include short, regular lessons with meditations and writing prompts. They help you begin the journey. And they help jump-start a practice for people experienced in meditation. Sometimes a fresh look (written reflection and guided meditation) rejuvenates our practice and our intention.

  • If you feel stuck in life. If you want to heal, grow, and look inward, then consider A Month of Mindful Healing. This course has meditations and writing specifically geared toward healing, which is a life-long process. It’s a deep dive and I’m right there with you—this course includes my most personal stories.

What does it mean to “join class right now”?

During initial creation of these courses, there was a “start date.” Now the courses are fully formed—all lessons in place. As soon as you register, you have access to the course materials. You can begin right away and make the class your own: create a routine that works best for you. Plus, we’re in this as community. There’s a comments section, where participants share (even though they’re in varying stages of the course). And I check-in regularly with anyone who takes my classes. I’m here for you.

Can you describe the class logistics?

When you purchase a course, you have lifetime access to the materials, which are housed on a password-protected page of my website. Once you receive the password, you can begin. Each lesson includes written teaching, guided meditations, reflection questions, and photographs. There’s a course outline included on the sidebar (or, if using a smartphone, at the bottom of the lesson). You can move sequentially through the lessons or pick and choose what you most need in the moment. The courses are designed to take 2-3 hours per week (in short, regular sittings). You can elongate the class to fit your needs and life circumstances. I provide many resources and practices from which you can choose. There’s no need to “do it all.” Use what resonates, skip what doesn’t resonate, and remember you can return again and again.

Your courses are inexpensive. Why is that?

Mindfulness, meditation, reflection, and self-compassion are powerful practices. They’ve changed my life in positive, radical ways. I want this material available to anyone who’s interested. Hence, my classes have a lower fee than most others on the Internet. I work from integrity and compassion. These courses are high quality yet offered at a low cost.

Listen inward.

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