Coming Home to Yourself: A 5-Week Course in Mindfulness ($49)

Mindfulness isn't a self-improvement project, it's a self-kindness practice. The instructions are simple, but their application requires effort. It's beneficial to have a teacher guide the way. This 5-week course includes formal instruction on meditation and informal instruction on how to pay attention in daily life. Once you cultivate awareness, you can shine it everywhere: breath, body, difficult emotion, positive emotion, relationships, and life choices. In small yet important ways, you can change your life. You can come home to yourself—your wise, messy, unique, imperfect, beautiful self. This course has rolling registration. You're warmly welcome to join. Register now.

Coming Home To Yourself is a gentle, loving, sacred invitation to pause, over and over, and discover you. With integrity born of her own personal practice, Joy offers bits of wisdom with grace, beauty, presence, openness and softness. She is with you on your journey.
— Jeanne L.

What to expect

  • You don't need special equipment, you can start right now, just as you are.

  • Each week, you need 2-3 hours (not all in one sitting) that you can devote to YOU.

  • If you miss a week, you can begin again the next week (or the next week).

  • Whether you're new to mindfulness or seasoned at meditation, looking to revive your practice, this course can help.

  • There's no way to get this wrong. Small positive steps have big impact.

  • The course material is available on a password-protected space within my website; you have lifetime access to these teachings—release any concern about time; this course is with you always.

Weekly outline

Each week includes written teachings, guided meditations, reflections, everyday awareness suggestions, mini-assignments, and daily inspirations. There's copious material, but you can practice in small doses. This isn't a job to complete, it's a course to be lived. Let it be messy, real, and imperfect.

  • Week 1: Basics of Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Week 2: Deeper Mindfulness and Body Meditation

  • Week 3: Shaping a Practice and Working with Difficult Emotions

  • Week 4: Listening Inward and Cultivating Positive Experiences

  • Week 5: Living from Intention and Loving-Kindness Practice

  • Epilogue: Well-Being


It’s helpful to look inside the class; to see, feel, and experience an example lesson. Here’s an excerpt: Take in the Good.


Each lesson contains a comments section, where you can ask questions or share a practice. Commenting isn't an expectation but it is an option. Your mindfulness practice is personal, done in private and at your own pace, yet there's safe space to share your experience and hear from others. This makes us feel less alone and more brave. We all have yays and difficulties, insights and roadblocks. You move through this course on your own, yet supported by me and the other participants.

An Invitation from Joy:

Whether new to meditation or a seasoned student, this e-course is a beautiful resource. Joy combines written word with audio and video that allows students to move through practices at their own speed. She gently guides people through thought-provoking exercises while encouraging participants to explore mindfulness practices in daily life. I will return to Joy’s course again and again.
— Jane Z.


We often sabotage our own efforts by thinking circumstances must be perfect and changes big, but I suggest a different philosophy: start right where you are and make small steps. If you want more ease, presence, growth, and intention in your life, then you must begin. Commit to yourself for a 5 weeks and also let things be imperfect, messy, and real. Join the class on your own. Or join with a group of friends, family, or coworkers. Do whatever supports your practice and your willingness to begin. Registration continues all year long. You're warmly welcome. (If you have questions, please contact me.) It’s never too late to begin.

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