If Not Now, When?

At my last meditation retreat, I received a piece of purple string, which Mark tied around my wrist. It's a reminder of these important words: If not now, when? If I don't practice mindfulness now, when will I practice? If I don't cultivate compassion now, when will it appear?

In the busyness of life, we can lose touch with what we value most. In the difficulty of life, we can lose touch with our goodness and our light. Or we can practice in the midst of everything. This practice needn't be grand. It can be a 3-breath pause, a genuine laugh, a cleansing cry, a small forgiveness, an act of kindness, or a big letting go. 

If not now, when? If we delay what's most meaningful until "later," it may never arrive. The good news: it's always close by. There are many (small) ways to be aware and present right now: making friends with and inhabiting our imperfect, messy, and beautiful lives.